Clay Griffith

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* I do marketing. I live in Austin. What do your customers really care about? How does that create perfect messaging? Inform ad direction? Partnerships? Landing pages? How do we improve metrics? Good brands are loud, the best brands are believed in. Let’s grow this thing.


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Friends & Colleagues

In addition to having knowledge and great advice in the digital authority game, Clay’s great to work with. 

Brian Browning, CEO, Startblox

While others I’ve worked with tend to overcomplicate, Clay explains things in simple terms that make strategy and decision making efficient and effective.

Adam Sidney, VP of Brand, Trumaker

Clay is a self-starter who has the know-how to design, execute and measure marketing campaigns. He's creative, analytical, and works well with developers on collaborative projects.

Ryan Kulp, CEO, Fomo

Outside of spearheading all marketing related activities from messaging to SEO, Clay has set himself apart from the management team as our utility infielder and warrior. Regardless of the action, Clay is the one who can be counted on to step to the plate and ensure it's completed.

Aaron Nestor, VP of Sales, SecureHomeIoT

I've worked closely with Clay over the past 3 years and I can honestly say he's one of the sharpest minds I've ever worked with in the marketing space.

Cole Conroy, Owner, RoyCon Technologies

Clay's diverse skill set and unparalleled work ethic make him stand apart. He's constantly growing and has a palpable drive for success.

James Sermons, Owner, Former Co-Founder, FoundSimply

Clay is one of the most thorough, thoughtful, comprehensive, and analytical data-driven marketers I've ever worked with.

Noah Lehmann-Haupt, Co-Founder, Scalyr


People stuff.

Oftentimes, digital marketing can really just be broken down to knowing how to use established tools & channels to spread your message. Adjust ad spend, insert keyword, drip email on day 3. Someday a robot will do it. But not today robots.

Online or not, marketing is more than pulling levers (big admission coming from a Certified lever puller) — it’s successful when it’s also a people thing. And I love people.

I love 💖 brands that know their people and I love clearly defining the values those people …value… and bringing that to growth strategy. Cohesive brand messages, channel coverage, data monitoring — totally, eyes and ears open.

I’m a customer-first marketer. What do they want?


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