I’m also kind of a “serial entrepreneur” (gosh, what a gross thing to say) who has launched, tested, and eventually closed shop on numerous personal projects. All is not lost. I take on these projects — always on my own — to learn, tinker, and grow. Closing up shop and doing a post-mortem is somewhat intentional. One day I’ll take this all more seriously.

Fail fast.

A website with the goal of getting well-known influencers to answer 6 questions, every day. Like a podcast distilled to just the Tweetable takeaways.

Goal: Create an engine with freely-contributed content, growing on auto-pilot, with no ad spend. Leverage contributor reach to grow.

Learned: Trust is the lynchpin. Getting contribution was doable but not at scale and definitely not for the names needed to grow. A well-known partner would have assisted success.

An iOS app providing free dietitian-led meal-planning, shopping lists, and meal-calendars for clean diets with a 1500 calorie goal.

Goal: Learn to build and deploy an iOS app completely on my own, with no coding experience.

Learned: Over 6 months of night work, I launched with 1000 downloads day-1. However, I could not sustain the apps code and database without more experience and, without a partner, I had to retire the app after a year.

Good teams make great products. The real lesson? Build a vision and bring a great team into your mission.