Clay Griffith

I’ve worked with more companies than I can count over my career. Whether local doctors, TechCrunch Disrupt finalists, or international hotel chains, I’ve worked closely with some of the best and deep-dived into digital marketing in every way.

Examples of Success

3X Traffic for a Week … and onward
Spearheaded effort to gain content contributions from popular celebrities followed by our target-customers. With great internally-written content to set the vision, we were able to get free involvement from some very well-known names.

Combined with Tweets to share the content that was contributed, one single contribution tripled the website’s total traffic (over 100k visitors) for a week with a continued traffic improvement for months to follow.

Growth Hacking a Conversion Rate
By adding trust-symbols and testimonials to a critical step in our cart-checkout process — that had seen higher than expected abandonment previously — we hoped to dramatically improve monthly revenue.

This single change improved checkout conversion rates by 30%. A massive success.

Discovering $30k/year in Free Traffic
After analysis of non-paid traffic sources, we were able to determine that online forum posts (some years old) were driving the equivalent of $30k/year from ad spend in free traffic.

By leaning into this kind of awareness building (doubling down on success) we were able to shift existing ad spend into new channels and build a content production calendar for further, improved forum leveraging.

Combined with more intentional calls-to-action within content, we found a new avenue for growth with lower total CPA.

Using CPA to Kill and Fill Channels
With long-tested and optimized paid channels, the assumption was that our best advertising options were well understood and — to some extent — on autopilot.

Through an in-depth review of conversion attribution and costs, it was discovered that our ‘best performing’ ad network was driving shoppers that abandoned at the last step of checkout almost 100% of the time — something our conversion tracking hadn’t previously caught.

We used this data to re-structure conversion events in Analytics and to shift budget out of our highest spend channel to new opportunities.

Securing Best-in-Industry Influencer Coverage, Free
Through a review of online forums in the client’s (B2B) space, we discovered that a new Facebook Group that we were previously unaware of. It was gaining quick traction in our space — with over 90k members and growing by 1k weekly.

By identifying the administrators of this page and reviewing their blogs, we crafted a partnership offer and pre-drafted blog post (completely realized and by our team) to offer as a contribution.

Using this, we were able to quickly get the post on the administrator’s own blog and have our offer shared — also free — with the entire Facebook community.